Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Swabs


Premium 500 Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Swabs | Zero Waste Disposable Products | Compostable Q Tips For Ears | Plastic Free Makeup Swab | Safety Wooden Ear Sticks | Eco Friendly Eye Cleaning Utensils


  • 500 natural sticks per box ( not swirl q tips ). Payless packaging, save on product! Extra pack size for smart shopping ✅
  • Double ear buds with twice more natural cotton on the stick tips! Great for ears, as pet qtips, travel, babies, everyday cleaning or even use as dab cotton swabs ( arts and crafts or drawing ) 🙂
  • High quality 100% ecofriendly alternative. Made from renewable bamboo wood and top quality cotton. Packed in unbleached plastic free recyclable pack 🌎
  • 3 inch cotton swabs are the best addition to reusable rounds, bamboo toothbrushes in the bathroom or straws and grocery bags 💚
  • Swap your artificial plastic swabbies or slim cotton swabs with environmentally friendly items in the recycled package ♻️
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